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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where Have I Been?

Where have I been? That is a question I wish I had a different answer too. I've been swimming in a sea of be overwhelmed. The times I get overwhelmed it can be disastrous because rather than doing something about it....I do nothing. I avoid everything like the plague. Seriously I didn't even check my inbox for atleast 5 days. Was that a mess. So what has been overwhleming? Let me take you on a photo graphical tour.

This is our storage room. When we moved in there was stuff left in it from the previous tenant and a lot of stuff from one of my dad's businesses that is currently on the back burner. It is a sea of stuff tossed in and pushed aside. Never have I been happy with the state it is in, and never has it provided much of a benefit other than a catch all.

Yeah wasn't that pretty yucky. This room has everything in it. It has clothes that won't fit in our closet. Bins of clothes and baby stuff Dancing Girl has grown out of. Food and kitchen stuff that I can't fit in my cabinets. Craft, Scrapbooking and sewing. Unused pictures frames I still need to put photos of our wedding in. Coats, towels, medicines, cleaners. Big toys we take out on special occasions, books, momentos, decorating stuff from our house, and more. This is the project that plagues me everyday, while cleaning it out stuff has rolled out into the hallway and has taken semi-permanent residence. What is most difficult about that whole thing is that it is not all our stuff!!! So in through this process I have to find stuffs' owners and say "This needs to be moved, where too, and can I do it now?" Finding other places for some stuff to reside has been the most difficult, because guess what; when you relocate stuff you then have to: move, shuffle and organize the relocated residence of the stuff. Anyways the goal is to downsize, consolidate, organize and group with a budget of zero. The biggest challenge is deciding what things are most often used so that way it can come to the front of the room and the other things towards the back.

This is also what has taken up time.

KMart what has this to do with anything. Well here we go I'm now an official part-time employee of Kmart. Yes I will be working a few evening/nights and weekends. Last week was difficult, I had to find time to watch my training videos during the hours HR was working. Sounds simple, but not so simple. Finding a babysitter was hard because guess what everyone was sick or we were sick ourselves. So difficult I would have someone lined up to babysit and then the dreadful call of "We're sick better find someone else" would come. We got through it though, I got the videos watched and we all; myself, Mr. S and Dancing Queen, managed to catch the bug.

Yes so we've been sick. I dread being sick. I just feel all mopey and it takes SO much effort to get anything done.

So with everything any inspiration has left me and is long gone. I hope to find it again, and soon. I'll be back regularly, soon. This job thing is hard to get used to but we're adjusting, and before long we'll be adjusted. Have a great day. It's rainy here so it's kind of gloomy.

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