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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gone for a minute

So I've been wanting to put up some pictures in my post but I've been procrastinating because ever since we got the new camera over a year ago I don't like how it dumps the pictures on the computer. So since then I've just been taking the card to the photo machine at the store and just making CDs of pictures. Now for efficiency's sake I can't be doing that or no one will ever see any pictures in the posts. So for the past two days I've been going through the settings and I am finally getting them downloaded to how I like them. (I miss Windows XP I sometimes don't want anything to do with Windows Vista). Speaking of Windows, we just got the new version on Windows Office through Nick's work. OH MY it is like walking into a coffee shop and seeing the menu of options and wondering "What happened to plain black coffee?" I sat there for a couple minutes just looking for the print button. Maybe I'll open it up again in a month, the first couple experiences I had was just too much for awhile.

So anyway I'm finally organizing my photos to where I want them to be, and I can now easily find them.

Here's the results of last week when I got a phone call. We were reading books in Dancing Queen's room, my daughter, when the phone rang. I of course answered it while she stayed playing in her room, this is a usual thing for us. The person on the line needed an email address so while I was sitting at the computer I heard some rummaging around in Dancing Queen's room. It was find and normal. Once I got off the phone in a matter of 90 seconds and returned this is what I was welcomed too......

(Wow it takes a long time to upload a photo)

Yes so if you can't tell what this is, it is four drawers full of clothes thrown into a big heaping pile in the center of her room. Yes activities like this have happened weekly in our household but nothing quite like this. Usually it is one drawer of clothes thrown randomly around the room, and it is because she is in search of a particular shirt or pants that she then attempts to wear. But no this time it was as if she just wanted her drawers to be empty, why else would she pile them up in the same spot? As you can tell from this picture her venture is still not yet finished, notice her arm in the diaper stacker. It was a good thing I intervened when I did because she was not going to be finished for awhile.

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