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Friday, September 4, 2009

Wonderful Morning

Yesterday Dancing Queen and I met my husband in Sioux Falls after he was finished with work. Occasionally he has to travel to the city for meetings. It was a great day and it was proceeded today by a wonderful morning. Yesterday despite Lila's lack of a quality nap we had a good time in Sioux Falls. Making all of our stops we made it through without any major melt downs. In the Habitat ReStore she even remained in her stroller!!!! Oh it just made my day. On the ride home beginning around 8 pm Lila was sound asleep before we reached the edge of town, and remained that way until home. Once we got home she even went to bed with no objections.

This morning made the day yesterday even better, because Dancing Queen SLEPT IN!!!! That's right she slept until 8:45. It was absolutely wonderful, I was able to: shower, get dressed, blow dry my hair, eat breakfast and read a couple emails. I know, isn't that unbelievable? Having that time to get myself dressed and some me time in the morning just made everything go so wonderful. I felt that I could handle anything thrown my way.

The best part of the morning was that since we were all ready and completely rested Spike got to play fetch this morning. This is not a common occurrence on days my husband works. Now playing fetch was #2 for the wonderful things of my morning. What was so great about fetch this morning was the sounds of Spike's paws. Yeah, I know call me crazy but his tiny little legs runny so fervently and his paws hitting the ground sounded like the subtle roar of racing horses hooves in the sand. So I know I've never been to a horse race, but it was the same sound of racing horses in the movies. I don't know why just this morning I was able to hear it, or maybe I've always heard it and never paid attention. All I know is that I enjoyed it and it put a smile on my face. I just give the credit of this wonderful sound to the misty cool ground. So it was a wonderful morning making it a great day. I just hope I can get back into the groove of being ready before Dancing Queen ( I used too but summer changed that) or better yet I just wish Dancing Queen can get into the groove of sleeping in.

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