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Friday, August 28, 2009

Here We Go

Wow, okay so this is it I'm committing to a blog. Some people who know me well might chuckle at me being committed to anything electronically related: writing individual emails....yeah not so much, checking my facebook......every once and a while when I get the email telling me someone wrote on my wall, and remember back in college, Xanga, haha don't even go there. I remember my page was called Daily Devoted and friends criticized me for being not so quite devoted. What they didn't realize was the Daily Devoted was not in reference to my Xanaga page but rather to God and my continually growing relationship with him.

So a blog, huh? I've been pondering starting a blog for some time now but like stated before was scared of the commitment. On top of being committed there was the ever lingering question of what would be the purpose of my blog? What to call my blog? What do I want to achieve through blogging. What would I write about and what do I not write about? Will people think I'm a freak? And so on. All these questions were overwhelming.

So tonight Aug 28 at 10 pm I am finally putting pen to paper, or in this case finger tips to the keys, and writing my first post. Here we go first post: Lets start by giving a little introduction of myself and then move on to what the purpose of this blog is going to be.

My name is Katie Stutzman, I'm 25 and live with my husband, our daughter and a male black lab named Spike. Currently we reside in my home town in South Dakota. It is a great town about 15,000 people and has everything you need but without the hustle and bustle of a city. My husband is an amazing man of God who works hard so that I can be a stay at home mom to our 20 month old daughter. I love my family with all my heart but also have a deep love and passion for Jesus Christ, our Savior. I have a soft spot for anything chocolate, I can spend hours on the internet or in cook books looking up recipes I'll never have the time to make, I love to go on walks/drives to get lost in the architecture of unique homes or buildings, I'm always trying to find new hobbies: sewing, scrapbooking, photography and more to come. Some of those hobbies I still enjoy others....not so much. I'm an organizer, put me in a chaotic room and I will spend all day making sense of it, but on the other hand I AM NOT a cleaner, no not these two hands. Yes I will clean, but when people ask what my favorite tool or tip for cleaning is I always tell them it is my husband.

Purpose...hmmm. I hope to journal about the moments that are so special to a mother, those moments that just make your heart ache with love and affection. We don't have the luxury of having all our family live in our town, so this blog is also a place for our friends and family to catch up on what is new in our household. On top of bragging about my wonderful family I will most likely drop in posts on my adventures of being me; my conquers in the kitchen, my favorite things, the junk drawer in the kitchen I tackled, etc.

Here we go family, friends and other readers I hope you enjoy my life and find it as fascinating as I do.

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