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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sweet Moments

Yesterday my daughter and I went to town to grocery shop and visit my friend Brittany who just had a baby. I just love holding newborns, they're so precious. On our way home I knew my daughter was tired and was not surprised when she feel asleep on the car ride home. Not only do I enjoy it when she falls asleep in the car but my favorite part of this is when we pull up to the door and it is time to go inside. I just love unbuckling her from the car seat while she softly stirs from her sleep but when I take her out of the car seat and begin to carry her up to her room is the greatest part of all. I thoroughly enjoy it when she puts her head on my shoulder and continues to close her eyes and tries to once again fall into the deep sleep I woke her from. It is that sweet tender action that she says "Mom, I love you, I trust you and you're comforting." It's these little moments that make motherhood so rewarding. It is amazing how one little thing from a child can make my heart melt. I just love how I can feel the weight of her tired little body on my arms and how she nuzzles her head in the nook made from my shoulder and neck. I in return then lay my cheek against her head. For as long as I have these moments I will cherish them because I know they will not last forever. I know one day she will no longer fall asleep in the car, need to be rocked back asleep, or need kisses for her owies. I know more moments like these will come I'm just excited to know what they will be.

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