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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Referring too...

In my previous posts you should have noticed I'm not using the names of my husband and daughter. We have decided to do this (and I say we because I discussed it with my husband) for mainly two reasons. One, you most likely know us and our names, so why do I need to post them. Two, if someone were to stumble onto this memoir of our common lives we just prefer some of the details to remain confidential.

In the previous post I referred to my daughter as Dancing Queen. I'm not for sure if the name will stick but I currently like it. I think it describes her very well, although maybe I'll change it to Dancing Girl, we'll see. Anyway it does a great job of describing her because she is ALWAYS dancing. Any time she hears a couple of beats she'll stop and throw out some kiddie moves. They are so adorable. Actually she doesn't even need music, walking into the store yesterday she stopped, midstep, just to do her dancing bounce a couple times and then proceeded to go on with her life. So I think Dancing _____ does a great job of describing my little girl.

As for what to call my husband I've got a few ideas, and he also has a few ideas. I'll have to clear my ideas with him before I mention any, I'm sure he'll definitely have an opinion as to what I call him. But I will inform you of what one of his ideas are. Now this idea originates back in college, and will probably follow any wife of a WSC Crusade man for a long time. So being the wife of a WSC Cru man this issue has once again been brought up in our marriage, the issue of referring to my husband as Master. Yes my husband would prefer that I would call him Master when writing about him in the blog. Master, where does this come from? Well back in Genesis 18 Sarah refers to her husband, Abraham, as Master (translations vary) and thus the blooming of the never ending pesky joking of a husband to have his wife refer to him as Master. Now call me a sinner and call me stubborn but the Lord has a lot of work to do if he wants me to call my husband Master.

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